Thursday, November 17, 2005

Online Medicare Registration Nightmare

Just this week I have helped two patrons try to find some information about the new Medicare prescription drug program. When I read this post I was shaking my head in agreement. It was hard work to locate exactly what these two people needed, but finally I found the websites that they had written down and the insurance rate information. One of the problems I came up against was that I was working with people who had not used the internet and did not know what an internet address even looked like. They each came in with one word written down on a piece of paper which they thought would lead them directly to the right place.
The local Social Security office has been helpful in providing us with handouts and the name of a contact person for those people with questions. One difficulty though is that the nearest Social Security Office is located 30 miles away. I am hoping that most people can get answers over the phone.
Here are a couple of other internet sites provided by the Kansas State Library that might be helpful if you are struggling with this new program

Feel free to contact us if you need access to a computer or instruction in using the internet.

Update: Here is another internet site to look at if you have questions:


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