Friday, October 14, 2005

Nobel Prize in Literature

Harold Pinter, an English playwright was recently awarded the Nobel Prize in Literature. I checked our library catalog and we happen to have two of his plays, The Homecoming and Old Times. We have a pretty good collection of plays at our library due to the fact that Jane Mast, who was director of the library for many years ,was involved in the theatre before becoming a librarian. I am always surprised at what I find back in the 812's (the Dewey Decimal number for plays).
The National Book Award finalists were also announced this week. I was surprised to once again bump into Joan Didion's new book, The Year of Magical Thinking which made the nonfiction list. I first ran across the title while perusing my spouse's stack of magazines last weekend where it was reveiwed in the New York Review of Books. On Tuesday the New York Times Book Review appeared on my desk with Joan's book featured on the front page and then yesterday as I was reading People magazine to catch up on Prince William's love life once again there was a feature story about the book. It is on the order list for the library so expect to see it here in the next couple of weeks.
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