Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Bookmarks and Booklists

One of my jobs at the library is to make bookmarks, booklists and “If You Like…” sheets for patrons to pick up and use. Today I updated a Robert B. Parker list and a Danielle Steel list, adding the new releases. Then I made a Nicholas Sparks bookmark and a bookmark that lists all the Left Behind series in order. Pick one up at the front desk the next time you are in the library. These lists are handy for those who enjoy a certain author and want to read all he or she has written. Having done that, I decided to prepare a new list of books by another popular author. I don’t read her myself, but I’ve noticed that Nora Roberts gets checked out a lot and thought she would be a good subject for a book list. I didn’t know that she is such a prolific author. Her list of books wouldn’t fit on both sides of sheet of paper, let alone a handy little bookmark! Take a look at the Nora Roberts entry in Wikipedia if you are interested in reading all she has written.


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