Wednesday, December 14, 2005

A Busy Day

We had a good turnout for our holiday dessert party today. Lots of desserts and other things made by staff and our patrons. The Thai food was new this year and of course Mary's punch was delicious as always. While milling around at the party I heard lots of people saying that they did not realize that we had this event. It has been our annual thank you to our patrons and the community for their support for the past five years. It's nice to know that we are still attracting new people. In addition to that we had big groups of parents and kids for morning and afternon story time. Just as we were finishing the clean up a student from the highschool came by unexpectedly to interview me about the library. I may eventually appear on the Viking cable channel. I hope Jeremy works some magic with his video editing skills. Thanks for the publicity!


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