Wednesday, July 26, 2006

X-Box Gaming Tournament

We had our first gaming tournament last Saturday. There were 18 participants between the ages of 6 and 13 and 2 adults running the event. The kids had a great time and are asking for more tournaments. I had a great time too and am so thankful that Ryan (the other adult) was there to help me get the equipment setup, show me how to run a tournament and provide general crowd control. From 10:30 until noon we had open gaming where the kids could play Project Gotham Racing 2, Carve, MechAssault, and Tony Hawk Underground Skateboarding. We took a short lunch break and ran tournament play in the afternoon. We discovered during the tournament play that the favorite games were MechAssault and Tony Hawk Skateboarding. At future gaming events we may focus on fewer games, but have the same number of stations so that more kids can play the same games. We projected three of the games on the wall had a very nice large screen television for a fourth game and a smaller television for the fifth game. Tournament winners were awarded prizes and we had give-away prizes for all participants. A great big thank you to all of our sponsors and to Ryan for all of his help. Movie Gallery provided our games for the day which included a copy of the X-box game Amped, gift cards and other prizes; Pizza Hut provided pizzas for lunch, Family Video provided an extra X-box and controllers plus several free rental coupons; Rentway provided a beautiful large screen television; andYouthFriends/Greenbush provided prizes.


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